Laser Hair Removal For Men

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    Laser Hair Removal Treatments For Men

    Laser hair removal treatments for men are growing in popularity. Many men can feel unhappy or self-conscious about excessive body hair, but now more men than ever before are coming forward to do something about it. Gone are the days when some men might have felt embarrassed or concerned that laser hair removal was just for women! In our experience, men who have gone ahead with laser hair removal treatments have found it not only makes their lives easier, reducing grooming time, but it boosts their confidence too.

    Say goodbye to hobbit feet!

    Our male laser hair removal services are designed to target excessive body hair in key areas, including the back, chest, shoulders, thighs and feet.

    It is not uncommon for men to struggle with unwanted body hair and this can be for many reasons. Perhaps you dislike how it affects your appearance and confidence, or maybe you’re a professional sportsman or athlete looking to rid yourself of annoying body hair to enhance your performance. No matter what your reasons, our professional laser hair removal treatments for men offer you the desired solution.

    Why the Soprano ICE is good for male hair removal

    Our clinic features the latest in laser hair removal technology and uses the Soprano Ice Platinum which features a specialist handheld device designed with a tapered tip enabling our treatments to target the most hard to reach areas.

    How it Works

    Laser Hair Removal works by targeting the hair follicle through a continual sweeping motion of pulses, applied to the required area. The pulses generate just the right amount of heat energy needed to remove the hair and prevent any future growth. What’s more, the precision that the hand held device provides, enables the treatment to be delivered painlessly.

    Special Introductory offers for men

    We are currently offering our patients a number of introductory offers – only available for a limited time. All prices are for a course of 6 treatment sessions.

    Chest and Abdomen


    Hands, fingers, toes


    Full back




    Hands & fingers


    Full leg




    Full back & Shoulders


    Half leg


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